Saline County Election Results


Saline County

Presidential ticket

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence, Republican: 3,618

Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris, Democrat: 1,976

Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Cohen, Libertarian: 152

Write-in: 29

Senatorial ticket

Ben Sasse, Republican: 3,666

Chris Janicek, Democrat: 1,402

Gene Siadek, Libertarian: 376

Write-in: 149

Congressional ticket

Adrian Smith, Republican: 3,750

Mark Elworth Jr., Democratic: 1,555

Dustin C. Hobbs, Libertarian: 257

Write-in: 8

County ticket

County Commissioner District 3

Marvin A. Kohout, Republican: 760

Gary Veprovsky, Democratic: 585

Write-in: 0

County Commissioner District 4

Russell J. Karpisek, Democratic: 751

Tim McDermott, Republican: 441

Write-in: 2

County Commissioner District 5

Janet J. Henning, Democratic: 424

Brian Pribyl, Republican: 322

Write-in: 1

Nonpartisan ticket

Judge for Supreme Court District 5

Shall Judge Jeffrey J. Funke be retained?

Yes: 3,612

No: 1,006

Judge for Workers' Compensation Court

Shall Judge Thomas E. Stine be retained?

Yes: 3,630

No: 955

Shall Judge Dirk V. Block be retained?

Yes: 3,529

No: 970

Judge for District Court District 1

Shall Judge Julie D. Smith be retained?

Yes: 3,670

No: 914

Shall Judge Rick Schreiner be retained?

Yes: 3,536

No: 984

Shall Judge Curtis L. Maschman be retained?

Yes: 3,599

No: 940

SCC Board of Governors
District 1

Chuck Byers: 2,236

Jeanne H. Stec: 2,116

Write-in: 26

At Large

Timothy R. Cerveny: 3,418

Neal Stenberg: 1,101

Write-in: 33

Lower Big Blue NRD Board of Directors
Subdistrict 1

Ryan Birkett: 307

Anne DeVries: 88

Write-in: 4

Subdistrict 1

Duane Parde: 340

Write-in: 3

Lower Big Blue NRD Board of Directors
Subdistrict 3

Doug Stokebrand: 2,368

Write-in: 19

Subdistrict 4

Rodney Skleba: 1,635

Write-in: 28

Upper Big Blue NRD Board of Directors
Subdistrict 1

Roger Houdersheld: 119

Write-in: 1

Subdistrict 2

Jeffrey Bohaty: 122

Write-in: 1

Subdistrict 3

Richard A. Bohaty: 117

Write-in: 1

Subdistrict 4

Lynn W. Yates: 62

Stan Boehr: 49

Write-in: 2

Subdistrict 5

Merlin M. Volkmer: 57

Kendall J. Seibert: 57

Write-in: 2

Subdistrict 6

John Miller: 116

Write-in: 1

Subdistrict 7

Rodney Grotz: 114

Write-in: 1

Subdistrict 8

Paul Bethune: 114

Write-in: 1

Norris Public Power District
Subdistrict 5

Stewart Huneke: 353

Write-in: 3

Subdistrict 7

Mark Knobel: 1,026

Write-in: 4

ESU 5 Board Member
District 2

Vicki Hinz-Ensz: 685

Write-in: 5

ESU 6 Board Member
District 4

Larry K. Starr: 2,254

Write-in: 22

Crete Public School Board Member

Justin Kuntz: 1,456

Scott Piening: 1,193

Julie Kozisek: 1,420

Write-in: 57

Dorchester Public School Board Member

Mike Hatfield: 380

Kelli Schweitzer: 411

Shelly Lehr: 341

Write-in: 10

Friend Public School Board Member

Scott Vyhnalek: 407

Jamie Tuttle: 474

Tyler J. Bartels: 448

Megan Weber: 456

Write-in: 11

Milford Public School Board Member

Tony Roth: 3

Ned Pauley: 2

Craig M. Shaw: 3

Write-in: 0

Wilber-Clatonia Public School Board Member

Russ Schuerman: 883

Cory Skelba: 640

Gary D. Wooten: 312

Chris Cerveny: 843

Bradley Kalkwarf: 703

Write-in: 11

Tri County Public School Board Member

Annette Weise: 328

Dustin Gronemeyer: 276

Richard Dike: 260

Thomas Koch: 285

Write-in: 5

Meridian Public School Board Member

Rene' L. Scheer: 48

Jamie R. Niederklein: 75

Brian Rut: 101

Write-in: 0

Exeter-Milligan Public School Board Member

Eric W. Milton: 55

Allen D. Vavra: 50

Paul Jurgensen: 24

Kyle A. Svec: 49

Write-in: 6

Crete City Council
Ward 1

Travis Sears: 598

Write-in: 12

Ward 2

Dale Strehle: 420

Write-in: 13

Ward 3

Jack Oelschlager: 540

Write-in: 22

Crete Airport Authority Member

Kirk Keller: 1,524

Write-in: 47

Friend City Council
Ward 1

Stanley Krause: 119

Kristen Milton: 195

Write-in: 4

Ward 2

Harlan L. Schrock: 120

David Sladek: 137

Write-in: 4

Wilber City Council
At Large

Kent A. Linhart: 601

Tim Lempka: 617

Write-in: 28

DeWitt Village Board

Lyle D. Fink: 203

Larry Wattjes: 198

Write-in: 11

Dorchester Village Board

Matt Scholtz: 193

Andrea Pracheil: 166

Write-in: 11

Swanton Village Board

Eric Placek: 34

Tim Likens: 30

Write-in: 6

Tobias Village Board

Gary Kastanek: 34

Alan Krupicka: 40

Write-in: 4

Western Village Board

Frank Myers: 66

Andrew Schoenbeck: 97

Write-in: 19

Constitutional Amendments

Elminate slavery or involuntary servitude as a punishment for a crime

For: 3,202

Against:  1,951

Allow cities and villages to pledge property taxes as a part of redevelopment project n more than 20 years if, due to high unemployment combined with high poverty rate, more than one-half of the property in the project area is extremely blighted

For: 2,916

Against: 2,054

Initiative Petitions

Reduce the amount that payday lenders can charge to a maximum annual percentage rate of 36%, prohibit payday lenders from evading the rate cap and deem void and uncollectable any delayed deposit transation in violation of the cap

For: 4,077

Against: 1,065

Provide for the authorization, regulation and taxation of all forms of games of chance to be conducted by licensees within licensed racetrack enclosures in Nebraska

For: 3,663

Against: 1,762

Allow games of chance to be conducted by authorized gaming operators within licensed racetrack enclosures, establish a Nebraska Gaming Commission to license and regulate, and amend and repeal existing sections so as to harmonize provisions consistent with the enactment of such statute

For: 3,678

Against: 1,767

Statute imposes a 20% annual tax on gross gaming revnue from games of chance operated at licensed racetrack locations, distributes 75% of such gaming tax revenues to the State for credit of 2.5% to both Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund and General Fund, and 70% to the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund, and distributes 25% of such gaming tax revenues to the county where the licensed racetrack is located or, if the racetrack is located partially within a city or village, distributes this percentage evenly between the county and city or village

For: 3,774

Against: 1,676


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